Finland Hockey Academy


FHA is an officially registered legal entity in Finland. The FHA structure includes: 2 professional ice hockey clubs HAKI and KiekkoHait, as well as the Kisakallio sports university.

The main function of the FHA is to ensure all processes of interaction between clubs and foreign players.

FHA fully provides:

Player analysis. We organize screenings in the Russian Federation and on the territory of Finland, and also accept players based on video materials.

Document flow. Our specialists will take care of communication with government agencies, as well as processing: insurance, IIHF transfer, player’s application.

Obtaining a residence permit. FHA issues a residence permit for all players in Finland, the basis is college or university studies.

Life of the player. All players of the academy live in a sports hotel near the rink. Athletes over 18 years of age have the opportunity to live independently.

Supervising. We suggest that parents transfer their children to full board, in this case, control over the child is carried out 24/7.

Training. Our athletes receive higher and secondary special education in the specialty “ice hockey coach”.

Career planning. FHA does not assign transfer rights to players, we are for hockey players to develop, if at the end of the season the player receives an offer from other clubs, then we will not hinder the growth of the athlete.

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