To consider the application, the candidate will need:

  • Statistics of participation in the ice hockey championships of his country;
  • Video highlights of game fragments;
  • Certificate of incomplete secondary education / certificate of complete secondary education / diploma of higher education. In exceptional cases, the admission of students is allowed to grade 8;
  • Extract from the vaccination certificate;
  • Transcripts for the last 3 years;
  • A financial statement;
  • You can receive a full package of documents for obtaining a visa after the approval of the candidacy;
  • Submit an application on the website;

Tuition and fees


  • 2007-2004 age groups;
  • playing experience in the youth sports school of your country;
  • basic knowledge of English;
  • Graduation certificate of grade 9 / grade 12 *.
  • 8 months program;
  • Participation in the Finnish championship in U19 category;
  • Accommodation in FHA-KETTERA dorm;
  • Meals 3 times a day;
  • 4-6 practices, 1 game per week;
  • Additional workouts in the gym and on the ice;
  • Access to the gym 24/7;
  • Trips to the games;
  • IIHF transfer card issuance;
  • Registration of sports insurance;
  • Finnish Championship license;
  • In-person or online schooling in English;
  • Visa support;
  • Career planning assistance in Finland;
  • Guardianship in Finland;
  • Uniform: helmet, underpants, training and play shirts, trunk, tracksuit.