Our academy

FHA-KETTERA is an international ice hockey academy based in Finland with full board which operates in the partnership with a professional hockey club Imatran Ketterä

The goal of the academy is to develop and prepare players for professional hockey as well as preparing future prospects for Imatran Ketterä senior roster.

Academy's team is a part of Suomi-Sarja U19 championship. The roster consists of 16 international players and 10 local players from Finland.

We take care and train hockey players from 16 years old, and our training program is designed for 8 months with a full range of on-ice and off-ice activities.


In addition to sports trainings FHA-KETTERA students have a possibility to get education, in person or online, with one of the academy's partner schools. 

Together with Finnish athletes, hockey players from the European Union and all over the world perform in the Imatran Ketterä hockey program. All international players live in a hotel within walking distance to the ice rink.

On average, each FHA player participates in 40+ games per season in Suomi-Sarja junior championship.

Finland Hockey Academy — it is an opportunity to continue your hockey career with a top-level player development in Finland.

FHA - Kettera