Education at FHA

Studying in Finland Hockey Academy|FHA - Kisakallio University provides an opportunity for FHA students to undergo training (on the basis of incomplete secondary education) under the professional training program for the specialty: "Ice hockey coach".

At the end of each module students receive a certificate of completion of the training course in the specialty of "Coach" with a certain degree of admission to work with age groups.

Athletes study the following disciplines: English, anatomy, physiology, sports psychology, sociology, the basics of life safety, ethics, and also go for sports practice in professional clubs in Finland.


Studying takes place in English, hockey players are given an opportunity to study in a special class on a flexible schedule.

At the end of 4 modules student receives an international diploma and has the opportunity to start working as a coach.

Athletes can combine their educational programm at Kisakallio with their studies in schools of their home countries remotely.

Based on the documents for admission to Kisakallio, the student has a right to obtain a student residence permit in Finland, which gives the right to legally stay in Finland and freely cross the borders of the European Union and other countries.


  • All players from CIS countries (under 18) must study at Kisakallio in order to be able to play at FHA;
  • Basic knowledge of English is required to study at Kisakallio;
  • Enrollment takes place on the basis of a certificate of completion of grade 9 / grade 11, in exceptional cases, students of grade 8 are admitted to enrollment.